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We are of the best website designing company in Kanpur. A website is an identity of your business in the world of internet, Today 2018- 4 billion internet users in the world and 460 million internet users in India. Many of customers search on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to search your business or similar business. So if you are not present there then you are missing many potential customers that may be interested to buy something from you. We have website name-PixelWeb because many potential our customers are searching for "website designing company, best website designing company in Kanpur, it company in Kanpur etc." just like you.

& You are reading this because you need a website or you don't have the money-making right website that can convert your visitor into leads. You also want customers who are searching for you or your similar business. I think you understand the importance of a website.
Now I am going to list some important point of having a website in brief...

  • An Online Store of your business-*24 hour
  • Attract customers, anlysis and understand the customer bahiour
  • Better Relationship with customers
  • Improve Credibility
  • Increase selles
  • Customer Support
  • Fast Selling by giving offer
  • Make feel better before purchasing
  • Reference Sell
These points will help you to understand the importance of website.
Consult with us if you are not sure which type of website is the best for your business. Fill this form to make appointment with us(It's 100% Free)

Static Website Prices

Price Pages Logo Sitemap Google Anlytics Social Pages Facebook Chat
2000₹​ 4 2 Logo (PSD File)
6000₹ 10 3 Unique Logo
10,500₹ Upto 20 5 Unique Logo

Dynmic Website Prices

Price Pages Logo SEO Friendly Sitemap Google Anlytics Social Pages Facebook Chat
5000₹​ 8 2 Logo (PSD File)
8000₹​ 8 2 Logo (PSD File)
12000₹ 15 3 Unique Logo
16,500₹ Unlimited 5 Unique Logo