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We provide seo (search engine optimization) service at affordable price.
Seo (search engine optimization) means optimize your website according to search engine algorithm. We optimized website according search engine algorithm and work on earn and generate high quality backlinks so your website will rank on top page of search engine. Most of the traffic comes from search engine like google, Bing. If you have any query so generally so you open search engine and enter your query on search box, then hit search button. Traffic Data of google- 60% of first 3 result- 38% rest on first page and 2% other pages. So you have to rank on 1st page of google if you want a good traffic. But before doing seo, Keyword is the most important thing in seo, you can say that the wrong keyword will waste money and efforts.
Here we have listed general charge of seo but seo charge depend on your keyword competition, monthly searching etc. .

No.Of Keywords Price(INR)
3 12000
4 15000
6 20000
10 35000

Theses prices are general prices and it can be vary according to the keyword comptision.So if you want to know the exact or nearly price for your keywords-Type your keywords and send us, we will send you the pricing proposal with a free consultasion with our seo expert.